FlyBe Dash 8 Q400

Here is another dash 8livery that I think should be included in the new update:

Not my photo


Please search before you post :)

@Clement_Boisselier, you are wrong. @Aviationluver, you posted it in the correct place, do not worry :)


Mods specifically said that those kind of tracking threads are no longer allowed…

Also the purple liveryimage


People always responding to me like this, so today, I’ve decided to do so :)

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That livery would also be really cool in the sim :)

It’s alright clementine, just know that this is the correct way of requesting liveries

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Dude I know how it should be done no worry

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That is an Atr-42 another turboprop regional aircraft.

U are right… Sorry!!

I think this livery deserves some more support so it appears on the radar of possible liveries…

Again, if you have something useful to add to the conversation you can bump it.

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They should be added.

A flybe livery is already added :)
Check IFs FB

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