Flybe ATR 72-500

The Flybe ATR 72-500 would be an excellent addition to Infinite Flight, as I think that we need some more turboprops in the game, and flying these aircraft on short domestic routes, would be amazing!


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The Flybe ATR 72-500 is used on many domestic routes across the UK, and would take flying to these destinations to a whole new level.

Isn’t it a bit to early for livery requests, if the aircraft doesn’t even exist yet in Infinite Flight?

Voting for the actual aircraft is maybe a better start!


Have already voted for it. This is for if the aircraft is released. Mods said ‘feel free to make another one’ as the old one was closed.

I totally agree with you if we get the ATR 72 I would definitely vote for this but I think a rule should exist were you can’t request a livery until the plane is confirmed.

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Let’s stay on topic here guys. @AndroidPilot @Marc

If you would like to discuss whether or not this should be a topic please feel free to send me a PM and we can talk about it there.

Yeah but I think the reason he closed it was because the aircraft doesn’t even exist yet.

Anyway: The livery would be great. I just think that we won’t see it soon because the next aircraft after the CRJ probably won’t be an airliner. And after that I think that FDS will do another rework before they’ll add a new plane. But I’m speculating here. As I said: I like the livery

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Not a problem. The reason he closed it is stated in the old thread.

Please have a look at it!

I think the ATR family needs to be added in general, we need more turboprops. I also like the flybe livery, it really suits the aircraft

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technically I’m requesting a different livery as mines purple and operated by a different company.

( Also weird to think that when I made that I wasn’t dispatching that aircraft everyday)

Also the only ATR72-500s operated for Flybe in the UK are EIREM AND EIREL by stobart from IOM to MAN,LPL and BHX

And also 2 from the Channel Islands