Flybe - 2 Years on with a return on the horizon

Flybe - 2 years on with a return on the horizon

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4th March 2020

Today marks 2 years since the collapse of the UK regional carrier Flybe. It ceased operations after a long period of financial difficulty and challenging market conditions. Before the collapse, they were operating 40% of all UK regional flights with over 8 million passengers annually.

Flybe was one of the first airlines to fall victim to the COVID-19 pandemic as the already struggling airline was tipped into increased turmoil. Fierce competition in the U.K. domestic market from airlines such as BA and EasyJet were also a contributing factor. Just months before their collapse, Flybe were seeking government loans to help keep them afloat, however this was not granted. Consequently, on the 4th March 2020 they ceased all operations taking 2000 staff and 63 aircraft with it.

In the weeks and months after their collapse airlines some other UK regional airlines (Loganair Eastern Airways and Aurigny) sought to takeover any routes that Flybe left behind.

Relaunch in 2022


The new Flybe Livery - Image credit: ch-aviation

At some point in 2022, the new Flybe is planning to relaunch, but on a much smaller scale than pre collapse levels. Birmingham has become their new headquarters planning to create 200 jobs for the area and a further 400 nationwide. It is thought that the new hub will have routes to destinations previously served by Flybe.
In terms of their fleet, Flybe have plans to introduce 32 Dash 8-400 over the coming years:

A press release from Flybe last November:
“Assisted by the global leader in regional aircraft leasing, Nordic Aviation Capital (NAC), today’s aircraft will be one of twelve on lease from NAC, with these NAC planes being some of the first to join Flybe’s planned fleet of thirty-two Dash 8-400 aircraft.”

It has not yet been confirmed when the new Flybe will start commercial operations. However there is evidence to suggest that the launch of the new airline is just on the horizon with the first Dash 8 (G-JECX) performing regular flights up and down the UK in the past few months. They are thought to be training flights and have been flying frequently to Liverpool, Newcastle, Cardiff and Exeter.

Recent flights by G-JECX

Are you looking forward to seeing the new Flybe return to the skies?

Check out these links!

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Vote for the new livery here: Flybe (New Livery) Dash-8 Q400


Latest article regarding the return 👇

I’m so happy that Flybe is making a return!

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It’s gonna be epic

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FlyBe To Return To Heathrow

Looking like FlyBe will be back at Heathrow. 3 routes to start with for now.

  • Leeds
  • Amsterdam
  • Belfast

MASSIVE! The return of flybe is imminent 👀

So then what the heck happened to Virgin Connect? Did it finally decide to just be a dating app instead of an airline?


More big news. Tickets go on sale next week!

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How exciting!

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