flyBAIR: The new airline that will let you put your name on their plane and name Bern Airport's Terminal.

flyBAIR is a new start-up “Virtual Airline” based in Bern, Switzerland. The airline is promoted by Bern’s Airport to increase tourism.

flyBAIR’s Embraer 190

Pretty sure that’s a bear…

As the title says, the airline will let you put your name on their aircraft and even name Bern Airport’s Terminal - with a catch.

Bern Airport 2011

In order to commence operations, the airline needs 2.5 million Swiss francs (close to $2.5 million USD) in 30 days. flyBAIR’s crowdfunding campaign just started yesterday.


At this moment, flyBAIR is about one-fifth to its 1 million Swiss francs goal:

This is where the “get your name on the aircraft and name the terminal” comes into play.

For investing in flyBAIR, the airline will give back:


Note these are names of the donations, not actual inflight classes

Summary of what you receive:

  • Economy (CHF29): A flyBAIR keychain and exclusive content.
  • Economy Plus (CHF99): The benefits of Economy and your name on the plane.
  • Premium Economy (CHF250): One registered share, one week of parking annually, and exclusive content.
  • Business (CHF2500): 10 registered shares, one flight per year for the first two years, and exclusive content.
  • Business Plus (CHF5000): 20 registered shares, two annual flights in the first two years, and exclusive content.
  • Ridge (CHF10,000): 40 registered shares, four flights per year for the first two years, and exclusive content.
  • Honorary level (CHF500,000): You get to choose the name of the terminal.

The Virtual Airline Business Model:

The airline plans to lease aircraft from Germany Airways while the Lions Air Group (not to be confused with Lion Air Asia) will command operations

Proposed Routes:

…and they plan to establish a link from Bern to Munich, Amsterdam, or London by Fall 2020.

Bern Airport PR:

Anyone have 100 or 500,000 Swiss francs lying around to get their name on the aircraft or name the terminal?

Hopefully this airline succeeds in securing the necessary funding for launching ops. Bern Airport is still searching for airline service after SkyWork Airlines ceased operations in August 2018. It seems like they should hit their goal considering they raised nearly 200,000 Swiss francs in one day.


This is smart, don’t think there taking Volaris airlines idea

I’m definitely not paying US$100 just for my name on there plane!

This is a pipe dream in my opinion.
Outsourcing everything is a threat to safety.

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So, this is a airline that will start flying?

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What is this is US dollars? I want my name in the plane!

Cool idea by the way.

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