Flyadeal A320

Its new economic airlines in Saudi Arabia image


I’d have to say no until they buy their first jet. A lot of things could go wrong (economically etc) and we don’t have enough info.


They should have the Arabic writing on the side but it’s a nice simplistic livery

I think the “modern” styled Arabic doesn’t work. The second part looks like it jlub in Latin writing.

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For your information Adeal it means in arabic the partner or the supporter

Oh. I thought you were flying ‘A deal’

No my friend , Flyadeal airlines it means in Arabic the supporter or partner because its supporting Saudi Arabian airlines to serve more passengers

I don’t like the two green stripes.
Logo elements have to mean something. I don’t get these. They seem out of place. Can’t explain.

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New picture IMG_6421

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I like, I hope add, Would fly on such

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Hopefully they will know how to advertise, not like SaudiGulf Airlines

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A new picture for Flyadeal A320

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