Fly540 Dash 8-100

We have the Fly540 Cessna 208, why not have the Dash 8?


Nice type of aircraft to potentially add!:)

Mini Dash!


Wow, didn’t know the Dash went down to -100, I thought it was only -200

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Baby Dash, aw it’s cute


If it had a moustache it would look like a Bulba! Cute plane.

That’s the type of aircraft I work around everyday

Looks pretty good

It would be nice I have the whole Dash-8 family (-100,-200-300 & -400)

The Dash 8-100 is the same size as the Dash 8-200.

True, but they are still different varients.

Yes, just mentioning it, also it would be easier to put the -100, -200, &-300 in the sim because they already have the Q400.

Agreed, we need more regional planes.

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If they put it in, I think they should name the plane the Bombardier Dash 8-100 instead of the Bombardier Dash 8 Q100 or even call it the de Havilland Dash 8-100

Yeah only the -400 version has the Q, it stands for Quiet.

Well all of them technically except the 100 Series have it, any plane produced after the second quarter or 1996 have the Active Noise and Vibration system (ANVS) which made it quiet, and Bombardier wanted to indicate how quiet the family was so they renamed it the Q Series. Although I believe the majority of the 200 & 300 Series were manufactured before 1997, and many airlines refer to them as the Dash 8-300 or Dash 8-200.

Looks good to me! ;-)

We need that cute little plane!

They are called the de havilland dash 8 100 the only Q is for the Q400 as someone stated in a previous post

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See what I said there. :-)

Interestingly, Final Assembly of the Q400 takes place about 2km from where I live.