Fly540 Bombardier CRJ 200

I’ve seen quite a few CRJ 200 livery requests appearing I thought I may as well join in, this has to be one of my favourite liveries of the CRJ 200, though we already have the Fly549 livery on the C208, I prefer the all orange design. Would be nice to see in IF in my opinion.


It’s orange. 😐


I love it😍

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What’s wrong with orange 😢.

Orange and Purple are weird, because they don’t rhyme with anything. 😐

Great livery though, reminds me of the Jetstar livery.


this is not in their fleet.

Apologies typo and mental error I mean CRJ 100, (they used to operate the CRJ 100)

EDIT: Some various other sources are claiming that Fly540 do operate a CRJ 200 I’ll link a few of them soon.

Is it now??

Love Orange liveries, hope see next update 👍🏼

in 2010 though?

Better than bananas…

Ah…good though i once had a rough ride in that bird…from Msa to Nrb… to and from…and btw they do have a 200 in operation 5Y-SSR and 5Y-CGF @Thomas_Oehrling @Talkingribzz


Thank you, was really starting to doubt my original thoughts :)

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I mean look at FedEx… 😂

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Nice… Reminds me of EasyJet. Maybe a little too much orange and I don’t like the website painted along the windows.

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African easyJet

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they do operate this aircraft, in fact, i have flown on it.