Fly Yoke. (logitech g yoke)

Hi, so I have one question about the yoke: is it possible to use the logitech G yoke on infinte flight?.

As long as it is USB connected, yes you are able too.
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You would have to connect the yoke via usb to your computer which is running LiveFlight Connect. LiveFlight Connect also has to be connected to your Infinite Flight which is done by connecting your device via usb to your computer.

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Nope, it’s done by having your device with Infinite Flight opened, Infinite Flight Connect turned on and being on the same Wi-Fi network with your computer.


Uh no. Your device needs to be connected to the computer via a usb connection, to which the computer also needs to be on the same network and the Infinite Flight Connect setting enabled in your flight sim. This is how the computer can calibrate your joystick/gamepad/yoke.

The whole process is not completely done wirelessly , thus you need to have your phone as well as your joystick connected to your computer for the duration that your using a joystick.

If the ‘device’ you are saying is a joystick/gamepad, it would need to be connected to a computer via USB; if you mean your iOS/Android phone/tablet as the ‘device’, then it doesn’t need to be connected to a computer via USB, it would just need to be on the Wi-Fi network.

Do you need a computer?

No, the computer connects wirelessly via LiveFlight Connect. Let me draw something up.

EDIT: This is how it works…

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