Fly without sub

Hey, what happens if you’re out flying and your sub goes out?

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You will be disconnected from the live server, following a message saying that your sub has ended. I know this from experience ;)

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Nothing will happen you will get disconnected from the live servers though, it won’t add anymore of your flight time on once your disconnected that also goes for you landing and XP earned.

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I was flying without a sub once. It let me finish my flight, and then I couldn’t start a new one after it ended.

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Yeah, you can finish the flight, but you wont be connected to the server.

When mine ended, I was connected to the server through the rest of the flight.

Hmm, I don’t know then. When did this happen?

About a week ago. It was KORD to PANC on expert

What happens if you never end the flight? Will you then have free global?

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Until you reach the bug at 70 hours…

@iidvdii holds the record for 85 hours

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I’ll take it lol

You will become very sad :(

I actually was flying the B772 in solo once, and the day after my sub ended and I could still fly that aircraft at a pro airport

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