Fly with me

Yaaass. You here?

I am right in front of you…

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Oh. I knew that.

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Ready to go 👍😄

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I can’t come :C I’m on final KVRB right now…


wait! what gate?

We’re taxiing to 08R at KMIA from D15

Is it ok if i join in with a f-14? Just to supervise ;)

ok, im on d-16

Taxi quick!

Sure, be our escort 😊

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Ill be at KOPF since the line is too big at KMIA and you guys are already up. Whats the call sign?

Strobes off on taxi 😡


Sorry hahaha completely forgot, good spot. Got caught up in all of this 😉

Let TAM 8803 go in front of you, there’s a couple others coming behind us…✋

Never mind

I’m at the end of the line :(

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@MishaCamp i am airforce flight of 2. Dont be shocked if you see me tailgating you ;) it for safety.


5 more planes…

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2 more and you’re off.