Fly with me

Hi there I’m currently sat at Miami Intl here looking for people to fly with. I’m flying up the coast to KVRB and I’m @ Gate D15. Will be going in about 15 minutes if anyone wants to join me. Copy my flight plan as I have one.

(Expert Server)


Would love to but my live expired. :(

I thought about that but wasn’t sure but ok…

What server and plane are you in?

Expert server, AA B789

Going in 10 minutes

Ah…right ok, going anyway 😂

I was about to come but bye then 😉

I’ll come back now, I felt rejected 😕😉 @MishaCamp I never actually took off I just left…but I’m back at the stand.

Cool. Give me 5 mins! What stand?

Here I am, buddy!

I’m at D15 I believe, but avoid D14 or D16 (I don’t know which it is) because there’s a Swiss A330 parked next to me 👍

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That’s you!

I can fly with you, if you wish. Any speed and FL suggestion?

Ok so the plan is to do a touch and go at KBPI and then carry on to dest.

Sounds good to me. Anytime you want👍

Cool good stuff, just waiting on Misha now.

Ok. No prob🙂

I am moving down one stand to avoid wing collision

Let’s go!!