Fly with me :)

Hi there!

I am a pretty new subscriber on IF (Grade 1) and to this community. I’ve really gotten into playing the game and I plan on flying to various destinations across the planet on the way to achieving Grade 3, and have 90 more landings to complete before reaching Grade 3 (I will be on the casual server until I complete the “Nice → Dubai” flight, which I think will be done by Sunday night)

I’ve listed all the planned destinations below (in order), and plan to complete every single flight, in this specific order, so over the next few weeks this list is going to get shorter. If you are interested in joining for any of these flights, you’re more than welcome!

Feel free to PM me the flight in this list that interests you :)

I can then let you know what my most recent destination was, and we can set up a time to complete the trip you’d like to fly together! I’d of course would be letting you know if the flight is “still possible” (I’m going for realism here, traveling from one place to another without going backwards or starting another random flight).

Without further ado, in the next few months (starting in the next few hours probably) I will be completing the following flights below. There are some long flights in this list as well.

(PS. Most of these are real flights, and I plan to use one of the call signs for these flights, along with the associated aircraft used for said flight).

Flying plan

90 landings left before Grade 3

Geneva —> Vienna

Vienna —> Rome

Rome —> Athens

Athens —> Istanbul

Istanbul —> Barcelona

Barcelona —> Brussels

Brussels —> Berlin

Berlin —> Helsinki

Helsinki —> Moscow

Moscow —> Stockholm

Stockholm —> Bergen

Bergen —> Copenhagen

Copenhagen —> Paris

Paris —> Nice

Nice —> Dubai

Dubai —> Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa —> Nairobi

Nairobi —> Daar Es Salaam

Daar Es Salaam —> Lilongwe

Lilongwe —> Harare

Harare —> Maputo

Maputo —> Durban

Durban —> Cape Town

Cape Town —> Windhoek

Windhoek —> Luanda

Luanda —> Kinshasa

Kinshasa —> Yaoundé

Yaoundé —> Lagos

Lagos —> Accra

Accra —> Abidjan

Abidjan —> Bamako

Bamako —> Dakar

Dakar —> Cape Verde

Cape Verde —> Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria —> Casablanca

Casablanca —> Gibraltar

Gibraltar —> Algiers

Algiers —> Tunis

Tunis —> Malta

Malta —> Cairo

Cairo —> Kuwait City

Kuwait City —> Doha

Doha —> Male

Male —> Colombo

Colombo —> Yangon

Yangon —> Bangkok

Bangkok —> Hanoi

Hanoi —> Hong Kong

Hong Kong —> Taipei

Taipei —> Shanghai

Shanghai —> Seoul

Seoul —> Osaka

Osaka —> Tokyo

Tokyo —> Naha

Naha —> Tokyo

Tokyo —> Vancouver

Vancouver —> Portland

Portland —> San Francisco

San Francisco — Los Angeles

KLAX —> Phoenix

Phoenix —> El Paso

El Paso —> Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City —> New Orleans

New Orleans —> Miami

Miami —> St. Maarten

St. Maarten —> San Juan

San Juan —> Punta Cana

Punta Cana —> Ft. Lauderdale

Ft. Lauderdale —> Atlanta

Atlanta —> Indianapolis

Indianapolis —> Detroit

Detroit —> Toronto

Toronto —> Montreal

Montreal —> BOSTON

Boston —> Philadelphia

Philadelphia —> Raleigh-Durham

Raleigh-Durham —> Nashville

Nashville —> Dallas

Dallas —> Albuquerque

Albuquerque —> Las Vegas

Las Vegas —> Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City —> Seattle

Seattle —> Edmonton

Edmonton —> Winnipeg

Winnipeg —> Minneapolis

Minneapolis —> Cleveland

Cleveland —> Washington DC

Washington DC —> Charlotte

Charlotte —> Orlando

Orlando —> New York City


Hey there, Welcome to the community!

Honestly that takes a lot of work and time but I hope you will make it onto the next few grades! But here in this community when you reach TL2, you would be able to post in the #live:groupflights Category. Try and be more active into our community because while you are welcome, you will eventually reach a higher trust level! Your idea is not bad at all. What I recommend you is to try and practice landing in several runways around your local airport to earn the 90 day landings. Just a suggestion.

For more information:


Thanks for the suggestion! I just realized it takes 50 landings to reach grade 3, but I’ll still be following this “flight plan” to explore various regions and make the experience more immersive. Most flights are short on purpose to move things along xD

I practiced quite a bit before subscribing and going live, but I definitely plan to practice some more!

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Wow, You really have ambitious plans! I would love to do a similar kind of thing, but with school and so many other things on my schedule I find it hard to stick to my plan. Anyway, I hope to join you one day, and wish you a very warm welcome to the infinite flight community!


Thank you! There is no hurry for me to finish this up right away (since school keeps me busy as well, I may not be able to play every day), so I’m sure we’ll be able to do at least one flight together! Thanks again for the welcome :)

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Find me mate and i’ll fly

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Flying from Nice (LFMN) to Dubai (OMDB) on April 27th, 2019 at 7:30am UTC if you’re free!

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If you’re on casual anytime PM me I will escort you Callsigns Viper 1 and my other account Viper 2 F16s baby 🦈

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