Fly with me

Anyone wanna fly with me. I currently don’t know where to fly. Please post a start airport and a destination. Flight time: 45 minutes


There’s a good selection of short haul routes here!

Anyone wanna fly with me from KLAX to KSFO. (Formation flight)

I’m not TL2 yet. Do you wanna fly with me?

Dylan, to take it a PM with whom? The reason why he created this topic was to find someone to do a flight with him. Otherwise, he would have PMed himself


Currently, I am busy, so unfortunately the answer is no.

Yes. I’m ready. What server

I will. Were at? Server? What are you going to fly?

We have another flyer with us . I’m terminal 6 gate 66 at KLAX

Alaska airlines A320

Now that you found a partner, please take it in a PM. Enjoy your flight!!


Training server
Spawn next to me

78knot headwind heading into SFO!

i could traning server i could use i am captain marshall in a 777-300er on my way to KBOS then to KMIA from KSFO

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I don’t understand. Do you wanna fly with me tommorow? From KLAX to KSFO?

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