Fly with me

Anyone up for a flight from CYYZ TO CYVR?

Sure, when? What type of plane are you using

A DC-10 and now if u r ready

Ok be there in 2 on training server?


Be sure to come in Canadian livery

I wish I could come.

Why can’t u???..

Ok at gate 521 now air canada 957 767-300

Some reason… My if isn’t working properly so…

Ohh feel sorry man btw this is my first FNF😂😂

I can fly now are you guys still there?

Yes we r airborne but we can slow down for u

Oh no you guys continue don’t slow down for me.

I’m the only one airborne😂😂

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I can’t help but say that you should change the title of this thread to “Come fly with me, let’s fly let’s fly away.” I’m dying lol. XP

EDIT: Sorry, my parents always listen to Frank Sinatra so whenever I see this thread, I can't stop thinking about those lyrics

ANOTHER EDIT: Sorry, to most of you that's probably not sorry again
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Not really a need for a topic. It might be better to take this to a PM. :)

if it’s a FNF schedule, i believe there are swarm of people will fly there?