Fly with me from PHTO to PHNL @ PHTO - 301900ZOCT16

Server: Expert

Region: Hawaii

Airport: PHTO-PHNL

Time: 7:00PM-8:00PM GMT

NOTAM: I will park at PHTO gate 01 before the event commences. The flight should take around an hour to complete. Any plane type is welcome however ‘heavies’ such as the B777-300ER performs excellently on this chosen route. Any ATC assistance is also welcome. Hope you enjoy the event!


Be sure to use the proper #live:events format in the future. I have fixed it for you this time.


I spy with my little eye, 3 waypoints outside the region boundaries

Thank you for the correction!

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They’re not.

The boundary isn’t exactly refined but it’s IN region.

The event has started! Thanks to those participating!

A special thank you to @olivier123, @Arzish Habib, @ImaCompleteCyclePath, @Capt1uhb for participating in this event! It was great with you guys! Hopefully we plan more events in the future!


This was my first time. Most fun I’ve had in a long time thanks for letting me tag along!


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