Fly with me from KLAX

Would someone be interested in flying with me from Los Angeles? I find it boring to fly by myself so I hope I can get a flying partner right now.

This isn’t an event request, is it?

No, i’m just looking for someone to fly with.

Oh, okay. 😀

Well I’m open right now,it’s not like I need sleep.

So you’re okay to fly with me right now?

@Pinecone are you open too?

Mr Pinecone who sadly fell from a tree, would you also be interested into flying with me?

Where to? (Fill)

I’m good right now! Where we flyin’

First let’s move this to a group PM. We don’t want to clog up the forum!

Great, there seems to be a lot of people at KLAX right now.

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Pinecone you are regular, don’t use fillers!


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