Fly with Laura

Can somones notify me when laura is flying online. I really want to fly with her!!

There is an app called Infinite Pilots. It will notify you if anyone you follow is flying. (Be warned: It’s a paid app).


What’s her name?

I want to add her in the pilots I follow

I know about the app I can’t download it I’m on android.

Not sure…Probably Laura@FDS or something.


I’ve put “Laura” 😂😂

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Hey, there’s an IF tracking app for android aswell.

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I have ithe but it doesn’t tell you when somones is online.

Why do you want to fly with Laura? Am sure she would like a little bit of quite time to fly the skys and enjoy oall the hard work she has put into the sim without being surrounded by fanboys…

If I was a dev then I am sure I would have a second profile to fly and enjoy so I get some piece and quiet!


I’m sure she can do something like that if she wants.

Keep an eye on her Instagram

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