Fly Viking Dash 8-100

Hello again community
Today I have a regional feature request
That is for Fly Viking

Fly Viking was a Norwegian regional airline based in Tromsø(ENTC) and was offering flights at very low prices, competing with Widerøe that usally have a higher price to fly to a regional airport than transatlantic.

Fly Viking was in the air for 7 months before they ceased operations since they didn’t manage to make the airline profitable.

Founded in 2016, they started operations 27th of March 2017 and ceased operations January 2018

The founder was Ola Giæver

They had a total of 3 aircraft and 6 destinations

The reason I want this plane if the Dash 8-100 comes out is because it is perfect to fly around in Norway and Sweden, I also think this is a beautiful livery

I’m in family with the guy who started it

Ok good we’re now kicking off the night with an item about a medieval airline you have my vote

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