Fly tonight with me anyone?

I had a really enjoyable time flying with three other fine pilots from WSSS to WMKK. If anyone is interested in doing something like that again sometime tonight (if I get enough interested I’ll post times etc). You can post below a long flight you would enjoy to fly (as long as it’s in my paid region 😂😂)

Again just comment below and if we get two or more interested pilots and possibly an air traffic controller ;) then it shall be done.

I don’t know who is interested. I’ll just show up at KNUCat 10pm mountain time, 9pm eastern time, etc.
whoever wants to come show up. Just remember to wait till I pushback before you start calling out, and copy my FLP.

Departing: KNUC
Arriving: KPMD
Distance to DST: 121 nm
Spawn at gates: Alpha through Bravo
Look for Spirit 508 (me). If you also would like…you can come as Spirit airlines.

That should be all the info you guys need. Pm me for anything further… I’ll see you there :) 🛫

Only if peeps are interested 😊🛫

Hmm, Would you like an escort from IFES?

Define escort…

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If it can be an escort type thing like @AnnieCorp_Inc said then sure I can.

Not the kind you’re thinking of lmao.

Jet/plane escort. All we need is the Time, ICAO, Type of plane you’re flying.

And the gate

Thanks @Bulba!


No prob bud.

Ever got the SLack invitation by the way?

Yeah I did.

You would be interested? Exactly who does this include? Haha just you two? What does escort include…amount of aircraft

Let’s fly out of KNUC to KLAX? Agree?

Yeah sure we can.

Alright, Ill notify IFES.

We have 95 pilots in IFES and 25 reserved in IFM.

Spawn at gates : Parking E01- E06.
Departure: KNUC
Arival: KLAX
Server: PG (unless objections arise)
Upon spawning wait for my signal to start pushback (via ATC commands)
Pushback should commence at:…10 pm (MT), 12 pm (WTC), and 9 pm (ETC)

Any further questions just pm me. If you have objections to this just put them in the comments below and we shall attempt to work it out :)

Oh boy how many is 95😂😂

Lol not all will show up . Dont worry

KNUC to KLAX is a little too short

How bout KNUC to KPMD

Tell me when you make a final desicion

Looks like the farthest you can fly with an ILS APPR as well.

Spawn at the same gates guys. If you happen to spawn and someone is already there just exit and pick a different gate. Depending on how many people we can get…it may take a while to situate everyone. Also try and put your call signs in the comments below (@AnnieCorp) so I know who is with me and who is simply flying out of KNUC.
Again any confusion Pm me or write in the comments