Fly together

I have a question… do you guys have a couple of friends that fly together? I would love to fly places together but I’m not sure where to even start. How will we communicate. Plan it etc… im still on the training server working my way up to expert server… anybody?

I would be the first to welcome u to the Community
I would like to fly with u

First off, welcome to the Infinite Flight Community!

The private message feature here on Discourse is usually sufficient.

Use and for planning a flight, write everything (ie fuel, pax, cargo, routing, etc…) down so you are organised.

Hi, welcome to the community! 👋🏻

A good way to fly with others is by joining a VA or a VO, there are a lot of them! Or posting a flight on #live:groupflights so other members can join.

Also you can read the Flying Guide so you can learn more about flying correctly and be ready to fly on the Expert Server 😉

Welcome to the IFC! Feel free to check out some of the amazing VA’s/VO’s of the Infinite Flight Community: