Fly To Every Single Country - Finishing Summary

Around The World Tour - Summary

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On the 28th of January 2019, I embarked on a journey that would end up being 238,204km long, on 214 flights taking 314 hours and 17 minutes (or over 330 hours including planning) and to 195 countries! Yes that right, I decided to fly and land in every single country in the world, starting from Canada and ending in Mongolia.

In completing this challenge I would get the record of the first (and currently only) pilot on Infinite Flight to fly and land in every single currently as well as having the longest IFC topic post (see Part 6) as pointed out by @Scandanavian54super.

In reviewing this journal, tour, challenge or whatever you want to call it, I can say it did take a lot of time, research, dedication, patience, blood (scratching out my eyes), sweat (anxiety that IF wouldn’t crash) and tears (when it did). I felt it might be good to give some tips to anyone who wants to try and complete this themselves.

  • This does take a long time and a lot of commitment (took me 12 months) so it’s definitely not for people with limited patience.
  • Your device will have problems/crash due to the distances and logistics.
  • Plan your route and map properly - there were times where I had to fly 20+ hours to go to countries I missed (hence why Mongolia was last).
  • The quickest route isn’t always the best route.
  • Some countries don’t have airports (five in Europe).
    For further details, PM me.

Logs and Stats


First leg - cleared for takeoff!

Getting stuck into it - very nice scenery in Central America!

More stunning senary, this is one of my best/favourite Infinite Flight photos I've taken - Central America

And now we must leave pre-global HD senary behind - Around Panama

Formation flying for my last leg from China to Mongolia - Mongolia

Finally touched down in the 195th country! - Mongolia. IF decided to crash on my phone before the third member of our flight of three arrived at the game so I had to quickly change aircraft.

Special Thanks
I’d just like to thank some people for their amazing help, support and some competition when needed.

  • @Infinite_Flight_Sims for his support throughout the journey. He also joined me when I was in South America but started in Canada, raced my throughout the Journey in South America and the start of Africa, we were very competitive in beating each other and I did give him permission to try and beat me altogether. When I said this I knew I wasn’t going to lose the competition/record without a fight and over the next few days/week I completed around 20 - 30 legs every day and soon I was way ahead of him. To this day I believe he has only made it to Europe unfortunately.

  • @Qantas094 for his support. He also joined me on the last leg to Mongolia so I’m very thankful for him coming along.

  • @EyesSkyward also joined me to make the flight of three on my last leg so I thank you also for coming along.

  • And of course all of you guys on the IFC for your support over last year to complete this journey, I probably wouldn’t have done this challenge if it was for the feedback I received.

So that wraps up the ATWT and summary post I hope to see you in the skies soon or with me completing another journey.

Goodbye until next time and Happy Landings!


Well done! Those last two photos are nice 😉

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This is an incredible achievement! It takes endurance and a strong will, but ultimately passion to complete such a journey!

Huge congrats!


Thanks a lot mate!

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Thanks for the mention. ;) Glad you had a great flight

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Great job! I’m thinking of trying to do this some day! But only flying to destinations mentioned from Wikipedia pages on the airports I fly to. I may include all 50 US states too! Maybe include every overseas territory too I don’t know.

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That’s an incredible accomplishment! Every. Single. Country. I can’t even begin to imagine. What’s your next challenge going to be? Perhaps around the world in a 172? Fly to every American state in the XCub? Something airline related such as finish every route out of a main hub?

Keep us posted, and safe travels!

Amazing job on this! Right now, my life is too busy to be doing this, hence why I stopped. Finishing this is not completely out of the window for my, just not a priority. Congrats!

This is a huge achievement, great job! That takes lots of commitment to playing the game, I can’t imagine myself doing this, every single county! 314 flight hours, 12 months total time. That is just incredible.

You’ve conquered the (IF) world, what’s next, the (IF) universe?

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Hmmmm, Should I do it? I will include the US states.

  • Yes
  • No

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I think you start off with every start in America and then work your way up as doing every country so a huge task.

@Will_A thank you for that, I’m thinking of every state in the USA because a lot of people have said they’ve tried but failed to complete so it sounds like a task for me:).

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I could maybe start in Maine, what makes it insanely difficult is that I use proper commercial flights mentioned through Wikipedia. So this does involve flying via big hubs alot.

When I just find out about a new US state (I’m not American). I recommend you start from a corner just to make the legs logically work so when you get to the other coast you have done one long line.

That’s how you save time!

How did you land at the five countries in Europe which don’t have airports?

Well at the previous airport I’d change my aircraft, look up an waypoints on FR24 and then fly to them on IF. I then just landed on the ground like at an normal runway before taking off for the first airport again.

You landed on the ground even if there is no runway? Didn’t you get a speed violation for that?


But how did you not get any speed violations?