Fly to Cincinnati! (CVG)

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) is a public international airport located in Hebron, Kentucky, United States. Is serves the Greater Cincinnati metropolitan area. CVG houses the headquarters for Amazon Air, Delta, DHL Americas (operated usually in conjunction with Atlas Air), and Southern Air.

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport offers 63 destinations on 180-190 peak daily departures. The airport is a focus city for Allegiant Air, Delta Air Lines, and Frontier Airlines, as well as being the largest market for Vacation Express. The airport’s international destinations include Cancun, Montego Bay, Paris CDG, Punta Cana, San Jose del Cabo, and Toronto.

In addition, CVG is the fastest-growing cargo airport in North America. The Airport is a global hub for both Amazon Air and DHL Aviation, handling numerous domestic and international cargo flights daily. Overall, CVG ranks 4th in North America for total cargo operations.

KCVG runs 4 ILS-capable runways: 9/27, 18C/36C, 18L/36R, and 18R/36L. Serving a total of over 8.8 million passengers in 2018 on 161,672 flights, you surely won’t have trouble finding the right flight for you to/from KCVG!

The airport chart is as follows:

Safe flying to all! Hope to see you here at CVG, an airport on the rise in the US!


Well I sure learned something about KCVG today for sure! Great work!

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Great information, but I think this belongs under #real-world-aviation.

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Like @anon79257371 said, this belongs in #real-world-aviation
I moved it for you, so it’s all good!


Thank You!!

No problem! Now let’s carry on, this is a great airport! I’ve flown here a few times in IF but have not had the privilege to in real life yet

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Whare’s @Cbro4 when you need him? 😂

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Since I am a Cincinnati native, I fly out of it in real life every time I have the pleasure of flying! Beautiful facility! I actually got to grade 3 by spending like 2 hours doing touch-and-goes the whole time!

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Who all is flying into CVG who wouldn’t have if they hadn’t read this?? Just wondering how successful/unsuccessful this was!!

@KPIT You called me?

Great airport for sure. Common procedures are normally 18L/36R, 18C/36C, and 27 for departures. Arrivals are usually 18L/36R and 18C/36C. Runway 9/27 approaches are also common during the late night cargo rush. 27 approaches rarely happen.


I did indeed, figured this was you’re aria if expertises…

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Ah thanks For featuring my home airport, flying out Saturday

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