Fly the Shortcut | Official Finnair Virtual Thread 2022

Fly the Shortcut | Official Finnair Virtual Thread 2022

Fastest connections between many European destinations and
Asian megacities are flown over Finland.

We welcome you to fly the shortcut with us
and connect the East and the West
at our home, Helsinki-Vantaa.

Why to Join Finnair Virtual?

78x78 Finnair Virtual offers more than a hundred Finnair routes, along with more than a thousand codeshare routes! Our routes capture the best sceneries of the land of thousand lakes, the nightless nights above the polar circle as well as the World’s largest archipelago with over 50.000 islands.
78x78 We are part of OneWorld Virtual family and in partnership with over 40 airlines. This cooperation offers our pilots a wide route network covering all continents and all corners of the World as well as opportunities to fly various aircraft types from turboprops to large double-deckers.
78x78 Our Pilot Community embraces the fun moments and supportive atmosphere as we take the time to improve our skills to become better pilots. We participate in group flights and training sessions organized by our own staff. Our pilots are from all over the Globe and we connect for fun moments on our Discord server on a daily basis. We also race for the highest monthly flight hours in the competition for the title Pilot of the Month. New pilots are always warmly welcomed to our community.
78x76 Ranks? Yes, we have them in our Crew Center to measure pilot activity, but ranks are not prohibiting pilots from flying the fleet on any of our own or codeshare routes. We strongly support transparency, equality and clear guidance to secure fun and professional nordic experience when flying with us. Joining us you will always have company from short hops to overnighters.

How to Join Finnair Virtual?

Joining us is simple by using our recruitment form. Please check following requirements before applying. After sending your application you will be asked to take part in our Written Test. Score 6/8 is required to pass the test.

Minimum 13 years of age.
Valid Infinite Flight Pro subscription.
At Least Grade 3 in Infinite Flight.
Access to Discord and be able to maintain mature behavior.
Able to file at least 1 flight every month.
Landing / Violation ratio not higher than 0.25.

Start your journey to become an AYVA pilot here.
We are looking forward to your application and joining our community.

About Us @ Finnair Virtual

Finnair Virtual was founded by @Hardlanding_Hussain on June 26th, 2020. From that moment on, our VA has been continuously growing with more pilots and partnerships, always striving to keep realism and professionalism top of mind.


Finnair Virtual Staff:

Role Pilot Callsign
CEO @Pilot_Aaltonen 1AY
COO @MikaL 2AY
HR Manager @tunamkol 3AY
Route Manager @Pilot-Daniel 4AY
Founder @Hardlanding_Hussain ----
Mentor @GBKarp ----

Our Fleet:

Aircraft Livery Range
ATR 72-500 as Bombardier DHC8-Q400 Generic 1100 NM
Embraer E190-100 Finnair 2450 NM
Airbus A319-100 Generic 4380 NM
Airbus A320-200 Generic 5280 NM
Airbus A321-200 Finnair 3200 NM
Boeing 757-200 Finnair (old) 3900 NM
Airbus A330-300 Finnair 6350 NM
Airbus A340-300 as A340-600 Generic 7890 NM
Airbus A350-900 Finnair 8100 NM

Our partner VAs and Codeshare Airlines:

Thank you for choosing Finnair Virtual and enjoy your flight!
Kiitos, että valitsit Finnair Virtualin ja nauti lennostasi.

Finnair Virtual is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by Finnair Ltd.
If you wish to visit their website, click here.
© Finnair Virtual


Great thread! Glad to be part of this amazing VA!


Looks fantastic! Good work 🤍💙🤍


Well done! I’m glad to be part of AYVA 💙


Thanks guys. It was about time for us to refresh AYVA Thread :) Lots of fun stuff ahead! Stay onboard.

Credits for the pilots joining the promo vid shootings: @FlyingElmer @Finnishboy @If_finnair @Santtu @AntonFI @INSTINCT and @Pilot-Daniel.


Awesome thread guys!


I’m glad to be part of the VA and glad that I was able to help with the video! Thank you to everyone, who made this 🧵 possible❤️


Love the promo video 🎵🎶


Lovely thread, and we are happy to be one of your partners!

All the best with your VA😃👋


not going to lie I like how everything was well made Erick

                                                                                       events manager AYVA

Hello all! We at @FinnairVA are happy to announce a new partnership with @airBaltic_Virtual ! The partnership includes many airBaltic routes that enhance our coverage in the Baltic region! We are very glad to have them as our partners and look forward to seeing you fly their routes!


We are so glad and excited to have this partnership with you guys @FinnairVA ! Can’t wait to embark on this amazing partnership!!

airBaltic Virtual


With the new partnership with airBaltic Virtual our pilots can fly 30 new route pairs, including many new destinations and routes also from the new airBaltic EFTP Hub with their impressive fleet.

Photo credits: @CaptainAftab (AYVA HR and PR manager)


A group flight of 5 departing Sydney for Helsinki, marking the longest Group flight within the VA on May 24th 2022.

AYVA02, AYVA06, AYVA156, AYVA161, AYVA170
Total Flight Time : 21 Hours, 14 Minutes


Thanks for all active pilots for the May operations. Congrats for @MikaL for becoming Pilot of the Month for the first time. He flew on AY and our codeshare partner routes totalling 414hrs and 19 minutes. We also broke the record of daily filed pireps on 26th of May with 22 filed flights.


Hello all! We at @FinnairVA are happy to announce a new partnership with @norwegianairvirtual ! The partnership includes 25 Norwegian Air routes that enhance our coverage in the Europe as well as many interesting new long haul opportunities for our pilots! We are very glad to have them as our partners and look forward to seeing you fly their routes!


Näyttökuva 2022-6-9 kello 13.09.10

Have you watched our Promotional video 2022 “Home at last” already? It has gathered over 100 views in a rather short time.


Hey Folks,

Next week we will not only be celebrating the Midsummer… something else is also coming your way.
If you want to be part of the celebrations, join us here


I’ll reapply for this VA now since it’s gotten better!!


Finnair Virtual 2 Year anniversary celebrations about to start with an event from EKCH shortly.