Fly the exact same route I took in real life

I always like to fly all the flights I’ve taken in IF again, anyway this is what simulators should do–to “simulate” things in real life…

So I flew on American Airlines flight 554 back in May from JFK to MIA, lucky enough, with reworked JFK and newly added MIA, I’m able to enjoy this flight in expert server once again:)
The seat is 25A on AA’s 777-200ER and it’s right ahead of the lavatory near door L3. That is where I placed the interior drone camera but I’m not too sure if that’s the exact same position… But anyway hope you like the photos!




W trip/flight!


i love the comparison with the sim photos and the irl photos

well done


Amazing photos! Very identical! :)

This is an amazing concept. Great matching and photos, super cool!!

Awesome photos, great idea!

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Wow! I love this topic!

Welcome to Florida where there is a 75%chance of tornados and rain everyday

Really cool!

Wow thats amazing how identical they are!

lol fortunately it was quite sunny when I was there, but it started to rain just a day after I left

This is amazing


I once flew my same route on IF while in a plane because you can disconnect for a little while if you’re not in a busy airspace

If only IF had precipitation features…one day 🙌🏼