Fly the African Skies

I’ve noticed there are quite a few fans of African airlines (myself included) who post topics and make comments here on the IFC. Much of what I’ve read focuses on the lack of African airlines in the sim. Well, here’s a list of aircraft and liveries that can be found in IF, and they’re all from Africa. 17 aircraft types and 17 distinct carriers, representing 13 African nations (country codes in parenthesis). With more sure to come, get in the sky, and enjoy what FDS has given us.

Note: a question mark has been placed over Angola on the map in hopes that a TAAG B77W might be coming next.


I probably fly ET the most in IF out of any airline. They have such a great route network with lots of stopovers.

Ceiba’s 77L is only used on Malabo to Madrid flights which limits it a bit but it’s a fun flight to do.

I’ve flown to Tanzania a tiny bit and would love to explore it more with ZanAir’s 208.

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