Fly slow

Often at the approach of the tracks I hear Fly slow but I never know if it is to reduce my speed or if it is because I am too slow and although I have to increase it.

What do you understand?

Souvent à l’approche des pistes j’entends Fly slow mais je ne sais jamais si c’est pour réduire ma vitesse ou si c’est parce que je suis trop lent et bien qu’il me faut l’augmenter.

Que comprenez vous?

Do you hear “maintain slowest practical speed”?

If so, that just means fly at the slowest speed you can based on your location that doesn’t cause you to stall.


no i do not hear that just fly slow
but that comes from the IFASSISTANT application

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@Jean-Marc_Koumaya Are you sure it doesn’t say glide slope?

There is no fly slow


IFA will say ‘Too fast’ when at/near your set minimums while flying faster than your landing speed. It will say ‘Unstable’ along with ‘Glide slope!’ when you’re flying slower for your current flap setting and glide slope. I’ve never heard it say ‘Too slow.’

Well then this is the other application IF PENSENGERS? Or it’s the plane itself. it often tells me when I fly with the B777-300ER
but I think I have heard it with others too. unless I’m crazy

I’m 99.99999% certain you were hearing “glide slope”.

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no my friend i still know what i hear and well fly slow.
So 99% error 😀😀

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There is no “fly slow” command. At all. Ever. The overspeed warning and “maintain slowest practical speed” is what tells you to fly slow. You heard wrong.

yeah ok yeah I’m deaf … but unfortunately I’m holding on and next time I’m going to record and you publish it like that …

but it still does not answer my question. when I hear this time I increase the speed or lower it. it’s just what I want to know. thank you.

Hey, so I would say that it is just “glide slope” because the IF assistant is a little harder to understand at times. I. Trying to think of any time I have heard fly slow, but cannot. Maybe record it next time or let me ask when do you begin hearing this, is it at random or at a specific altitude/speed?

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Try changing the copilot voice

Thank you KRYZLOT already not to speculate on what I hear and try to bring me an answer.
to answer you I hear when I am in the red squares leading to the airstrip.
in general I am in automatic landing so I only take care of the speed.
in general at 1000 fts I am at 150 nm and at 500 between 140 and 145 but in general it is when I am between 145 and 150 that I hear

It must me “Glide Slope” intead of “Fly Slow”

This is like Laurel and Yanny


Wait and see, he will record a video of that happening

I hear the same at it stops if I speed up a bit…

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I guess you hear “Glide slope.” Sounds simillar


thank you my friend because since yesterday I pass between being a fool or a mytho.
on the other hand I did not pay attention if it is due to the variation of speed because actually in landing auto I disable the speed to control myself even the speed. maybe that’s it.

probably by translating your word downhill slope … actually the sound can look like it … I think it must be that.
but what does it mean then and what should we do

I think niks.goen has found the answer at my question.

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