Fly Over Airport

To approach a runway can you fly over the airport? (low altitude)
Imma put an approach example here.

Is this something you can or not? Wanna be sure, wouldn’t like to get ghosted. Thanks!

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Well ATC would give you pattern entry commands so I highly doubt that you would be able to do that and not get ghosted.

In case they don’t? (even tho it’s unlikely)

Or training servers let’s say, where atc will clear you to land from 50nm away

They always do, never had it when they haven’t.

Well it would still be good to follow ATC instructions even though it is TS, but 50 nm is quite far away to call inbound. Why would you like to do an approach like this I’ll ask?

I dunno, maybe. Even tho I’ve never found a training servers ATC that’ll give patter instruction.

I dunno I just think it’s cooler (if you can do it)
Flying over the airport, all the tight turns…

Ah alright, in my opinion I probably would not do this on Expert or Training.

You think I may risk to collide with departures or arrivals? Because that’s what I think

If they airport is busy yes.

Ok, thank you!

You gotta admit it’d be a cool approach tho…👌😏

Eh looks interesting but I prefer my STARs to look quite nice

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Your “STARs” ???

Stand Terminal Arrival route/s

I’ve done this before. If you know the controller personally, and the airport you are trying to approach at isn’t busy, then the controller might let you do it. I would contact first though. And I am suggesting to the expert server

Is it cool?

An approach is an approach. Nothing special about it. I did it when I departed KLAX heading to Baltimore

What you mean brother, 3 super tight turns is SUPER special!