Fly outs tomorrow?

Hey any fly outs tomorrow anybody??


Not at the moment, but someone will probably make a Group Flight in #live:groupflights.

as well as the above category. try your hand at #live:events too

I think you mean are there any flights today (22nd of March) but ;

Here is an event that will take place tomorrow, the 23rd of March:

23MAR21 | @1800Z - ADITL - Flight 1549 to the Hudson @KLGA - Live / Events - Infinite Flight Community

Yes, there indeed is a fly out tomorrow. Hope you enjoy it!

For future reference, here is a helpful tip for trying to find out if there is a live event or group flight on a certain day.

Search the date you wish to see if there is an event or group flight on, i.e. 23MAR21.

This should bring up the list of events and group flights in that date, if any are scheduled to take place.

Hi !
This topic must be inGroup flight topic !

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