Fly out to Dubai with me @ Egll 081200zOCT19

  • Aircraft and Livery*: BA 777

  • Route: Egll - Dubai

  • Time of Departure: 12:00

  • Server: Training

  • **Additional Information: Be on the server @ 11:50Z maximum 10 people

Hello, please make sure to post this in #live:events as your fly-out happens in 2 days.

You’ve been making a lot of topics for events and group flights. Please take a look here for additional rules and guidelines:

I wish I could but can’t.

He unfortunately cannot post in #live:events.

What he could do is change the date to today.

Thanks for wanting to

I can’t. I’m busy today.

Well, keep liking, posting, and being active and you’ll be able to post in the #live:events when you become a TL2! (member)

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Hey thanks for being so active recently but in the last 12 days you have posted 23 topics, that’s more then most people make in 2 months! I understand you are trying to be active and up your TL, but 23 is a bit much and you should cool off for a bit and just keep liking and posting!