Fly out of ROA

Hey fellow players i’m member_of_oneworld and i’m new in the IF community here!. For a welcome and a hello to you guys I was thinking since i live in North carolina we Could do a Envoy (american eagle) Flight from KROA(roanoke,va) To KCLT (charlotte, nc) It might be tomorrow morning (EST time) Around 9:00AM-10:00AM. Spawn in as a E175,E190,Crj 200-1000. Make sure it is a airline from north america to be realistic

reply to the post and tell me where you want to fly to

Thanks for a warm welcome Infinite community

Thursday, August 24 9-10 am EST is when it is

You can be a ATC if you want


Hello! Sounds like a really fun event! I recommend moving this to the Events category however.

I’m new, could you tell me how

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You’re a Basic User, so a moderator or regular would have to do it for you.

Edit: it seems like some one moved it for you!

Oh Really!, That was nice of them

This will be tommorow, Aug 24

Oo, I wish I could make this. But, I’ll be flying IRL tomorrow.

Nice, It’s ok if you cant

Maybe @Butter575 can help you with the format?

You may want to check out this topic:

Along with the the format the IFC gives you when you post in events

Welcome to the community! I will try to be there :)

Which server will this be on?

It’s on training. There may be delays

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