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Hello fellow community. Since i have created the EHAM fly-out (what was a big success) I love to make fly-out. So I am thinking of creating a second fly-out around end Februari / begin March 2020. Although I don’t really know what location you would love to have fly-out in. By this post I will give you some options to vote on so I can see what you want and what airport is the most loved for a fly-out. Thank you!!

What continent would you like to have a fly-out?

  • Europe
  • North America
  • South America
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Oceania

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I give you some airports, choose your most favourite one for a fly-out.

  • EDDF
  • LIRF
  • OEJN
  • VIDP
  • WMKK
  • WIII
  • YSSY
  • YMML
  • KSEA
  • KATL
  • FAOR
  • FACT
  • SPJC
  • SAEZ
  • SBGL

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What time should I host the event?

  • 1200Z
  • 1800Z
  • 1900Z
  • 2300Z
  • 0000Z

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0000Z is for Zulu time next day and for USA time the same day

What day of the week should I host it?

  • Saturday
  • Sunday

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If your preferences would be chosen, would you join the fly-out?

  • Yes of course
  • No, I am sorry

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Thank you for filling in my questions and I hope seeing you then!!

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Would you come on a saturday 1900Z @eddf?

  • Yes, perfect for me
  • No, not in my interest

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If no, Why not / what could be changed to make it fit for you? Comment below please.


If you have an other idea for a place to host the fly-out, just say it under this message!!

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Logic: votes for Europe over America, votes for Atlamta over Frankfurt 🤦‍♂️

Some good airport suggestions (that includes traffic:

EDDT (what airport is that again? 😂)
EGCC (The 1 time I got ghosted I still personally think was unfair🙄)
LEMD (that’s got a lot gates)
LTFM (Istanbul?..)


Thank you!! I am afraid if I add choices that all votes will be gone. Or won’t that? @Ecoops123

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You can choose multiple choice of your choosing when building the poll 😉

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Africa would be amazing, many reasons, you have a good amount of flights to FACT and FOAR, choose one obviously, and Africa isn’t featured, in anything much so

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I mean that if I add one that like all 15 earlier votes will be gone cause theres a new option @Ecoops123

I have make a new question on the bottom of the message

Just to note 🙃 I will be helping with this flyout too!

A good other Flyout would be MMMX. The only reason I wouldn’t attend is the date/time. I’m really busy on Saturdays, but am open almost all day Sunday.

It would be nice to have flyouts from less popular airports. Not EGLL, KLAX, EDDF etc

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The thing is that small less popular airports don’t have many gates. And EDDF isnt that popular though @SwedishFlyer

MMMX isn’t popular but has a lot of gates, and has flights to Asia, South America, and Europe. Ex: Air France, KLM, LATAM, Avianca, Lufthansa, British Airways, Iberia, ANA, Hainan, and China Southern.

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Yeah I agree with you. But I think I’ll organize it in EDDF next time.
I have also thought about the event date. And I think I’ll host it just after new years eve. That would be Saturday 4th Januari. Not sure though. stay tuned

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