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Hello team!

I need help!

Every time I try to fly online, a message stating that my facebook or email account can not be found and permission to fly online is not allowed. What are the procedures for flying online? Can you help me please? thank you all!

Ensure that your login credentials are correct. Try logging out of your account, and then log back in.

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The data is correct! Use the same for other applications. I’ve tried to do what you suggested several times. Thank you for support, Bobby. I’ll continue trying


The account that you use for live… did you delete the corresponding facebook / gmail account that you use for your live account? Try logging into your facebook / gmail account that you use with your account and tell us if that works.

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Is it an illegal version? Did you download it from the Google play store/ App Store?

Didn’t know you could get something like that…


You very much could… My friend got another (paid) game from a (Chinese) app which also had Infinite Flight in it…

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You can download Infinite Flight for free from the Internet. Although the downside is, You wont be able to enjoy some features and get lastest update unless you downloaded the new one on the same site you downloaded it I believe

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