FLY online error

I’m trying to play online but if I push flight pro continue it goes to a different page and then theres a 1 Month and 6 Months and 1 year but under the month there’s a error and if I push select there a continue then if i press continue the app turn off. What sould I do about it??

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Are you using iOS or Android? This is usually caused by limitations, but to guide you better we’d need to know what platfrom :)

its a IOS it a ipad mini


Please go to Settings > Screen time > Content & Privacy restrictions > iTunes & App Store.

You will most likely find something turned on there.

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there isn’t a thing called screen time

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There is.
You’re looking under your device settings, right? It’s not an app setting.

cant find them

Have a look at this picture. The layout on the iPad is very similar. The Screen Time settings are below “Do Not Disturb”. Can you find it? If not, what’s your iOS version? You can find that under “General” and “About”. Then, see “Software Version”.

I have notifications then control canter then do not disturb but I don’t have the screen time

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What’s your iOS version? You can check that under Settings --> General --> About. There you’ll see “Software Version”.

i’m updating my ios version

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Rather than updating your software, try this first:

Try Settings -> General -> Restrictions.

Check if there is anything restricted in the Allowed Content.

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got my ipad updated

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Follow these steps: