Fly on Advanced they said...

…It’s not Playground they said… It was bad enough that I waited in line for quite some time to take off. That Dash cut me off, but I let him go ahead because I wasn’t gonna phase through him to make a point…but yea, let’s not get started on the level 5…


Oh God… This is getting out of hand. There’s moments when I’ve been on Advanced, and someone went through me just to be the first one holding short. But someone surpassing the hold short line?.. WHILE someone was landing? What were they thinking?


I just hate when people say just fly on advanced when this is what you get on advanced


There’s no way to combat this problem. Even Grade 5s are acting out of hand…


i feel u guys. I feel same thing. I believe this is normal and devs are really trying to give us, serious IF pilots, our best space without rookies or bad intention IF pilots.


Here was my encounter with some noobs in the advanced server, it didn’t help that ATC cleared everyone for pushback after me, it ended up with 3 planes taking off at once including a grade four who went on to the runaway while another plane was taking off he should know better!


I genuinely think the playground server would have been better as I usually crap myself whenever I go on advanced in fear of doing something wrong but on playground you expect people to mess around, NOT ON ADVANCED


Was there an active controller?

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I’ve said this before and I will say it again. Xp and grade have nothing to do with how good someone is on IF.


Yes there was on ground but he cleared everyone for pushback without checking to see that there were already 4 planes including me that were pushing back into each other I went as far back as I could and waited for all the planes to go but still the controller should know better as if I make a simple mistake I have basically committed a crime but they don’t all seem to be able to control well, after though when the planes were taking off together it was on Unicom

Pm the controller

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I can’t remember who it is now

If it’s possible, I think that FDS should maybe try implementing some inter-plane collision detection. Just with nice large hitboxes. That way, if a plane is within the hitbox, they are too close and should have an xp penalty. As I typed that I realised there would have to then be some more complex method of determining who entered whose hitbox. It wouldn’t be fair to penalise someone holding short, if someone else came too close.

Maybe this could be done by saying that if planes’ AABBs are overlapping AND a player is moving, then that player would have the xp penalty. However constantly checking for overlaps would be a bit more demanding, power-wise. Then again, considering planes can only taxi on the ground, the collision box would only be in 2 dimensions across the X and Z axes, so it may not be too bad.

The hitboxes would have to change size depending on size of aircraft too, and this could possibly be affected in the future by jet blasts from taxiinf aircraft.

This should have been a post xD

Where is that?wich airport?

It was a mess! Glad that GIA B738 followed ATC Instructions :P

I don’t think I want to fly on Advanced after seeing this, I might play on PG instead

This is on the advanced as well

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I think that they should make a whole separate server that has a required XP, Grade, Landings, Flight Time, Etc.

Maybe they should create violations for crashing or passing through other plaes on advance or being within 20m of another plane.

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Let me tell you, the advanced server is very organized when ATC is online and available, If someone don’t follow instructions they get ghosted, and they that. The problem is when atc goes off and it takes a bit before someone go on again, as fast as atc go offline, everyone go bananas. That’s just how it is…


It’s very unfortunate. We need to do something to keep more order. Maybe more awareness. Like an awareness campaign.

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It’s too bad that some people mess up advanced for others. That being said, the example up top, while extreme, brings up a valid point. We know an update is definitely in the works, and beta testing will probably start up at some point. Most updates include scenery changes that some of us do not have. SO, while it looks like someone may be past the hold short line to you, to them it is a proper hold. Just something to keep in mind. However, for the vast majority of issues, it seems to be a problem of people having a gaming mindset while playing IF. We should all realize this is a simulator, and treat it as such. Simulate a real life-situation. You can still have fun while flying IF in a serious manner. My two cents…