Fly me to the Moon!

I will attempt to fly to the moon. I will depart at 1915 Zulu, on the Casual Server in the Boeing 777. I will attempt to make it as far as I can, and everyone is welcome to watch at ZLLL or on Liveflight. I will depart on February 4th, and will continue until I run out of fuel. My callsign will be “MOON”, and my tag will be “MoonOrBust”.


If your attempting a flight to the moon I would highly recommend doing it on Casual, you will still get the XP just won’t risk violations.


I’ll take gate 107, will this be on February 18th?

No, It’ll be on the 4th

Ok I should be able to make it then

Are you literally trying to fly to the moon? If so how?

The moon in IF is computer generated and just graphics or pixles. You can’t reach the moon no matter how hard you try.

This is a virtual game that is limited to only what is provided for example a game map (the world in IF). I doubt FDS has put work into making a whole solar system.


Just stole my username lol


I wish you look!!!

There’s been speculation that there’s a sphere up there. This is to find out if they are correct 😀

Don’t want to be that guy but ain’t no chance you getting to land on the moon. FDS would not have paid all the money to make a full working moon.


😂 As @SkyHighGuys the farthest you will go is FL600 … from there it will be hard to climb. I would like to track your status.

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Sorry to break the news to ya, but as @K3v1nxu said, the moon is just graphics. There is no actual moon.


Good look and please post a report on here afterwards so we can see how it went and how far you managed to go!!!

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It’s a space station (kudos to who gets the quote).


There are no ATC access in Casual

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Yeah, It was originally in casual. I’ll fix it

I will, and I’ll try to screenshot my altitude

I apologise I found out I am busy on the 4th

😂 Pls. Seriously don’t waste your time on this. Instead maybe do a flight from ZLLL to ZBAA or something

Usually everything is possible even the hardest things out there. But what you are trying to to is do something that is not actually possible. A 3d moon doesnt exist. FDS doesn’t waste their time to develop a whole solar system for a game or simulator that takes place on earth.

The moon in IF is generated graphics and think of it as a painting on the wall. It will remain a 2d object no matter how close you get to it.

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See an edited first post for my new plans. (Also thanks @PlaneCrazy for moving it to live. I couldn’t change it).