"Fly me to Brazil..." | Miami - Puerto Rico - Belem - Recife - Rio de Djaneiro

" Silver jet
Take me
I’m all set
Take me
Through the sky
Fly me
Where the air
Of Rio sings
All my hopes
Ride on the winds

Make this trip
Like my heart
Bring me where he is
Help my heart be his
Long lost child
Love waits
At the end of the sky
So fly me to Brazil… "

Non-stop to Brazil, Astrud Gilberto 1965
Album The Shadow of Your Smile

Hi all! back again with me, with the theme of ancestral flight this time, still with the Pan Am route Miami - San Juan - Belem - Recife - Rio de Djaneiro. Hope you enjoy!

Server: Expert

Aircraft: Boeing 747-200

Airline: PAN AM



Pan Am 747-200 departing Miami international

Cruising somewhere above Cuba

Pan Am 747-200 turning right base on to San Juan

Arrived safely at San Juan. Leg 1 complete

Pan Am 747-200 rotating at San Juan for stopover, bound to Belem as Leg 2

Descending into Belem (SBBE)

Right bank leaving Belem and Continuing Journey as Leg 3 to Recife (SBRF)

Finally after around 2 hours. Pan Am 747-200 touched the runway at Recife Guararapes (SBRF)

Leg 4: Pan Am 747-200 leaving for Rio de Djaneiro (SBGL).
Here you can see the Eastern Brazilian coastline…

After bit more than 2 hours of cruising from Recife (SBRF). Pan Am journey to South America is ended

Thanks for have a look

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Great captures! Paired with the Pan Am 747 the filter makes it get a “good ol’ days” vibe.

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Finally someone doing realistic Pan Am routes! (Where’d you get them? RoutesOnline? That’s where I get retro routes) The grain and filter on the pictures is very appropriate for the aircraft, and the destinations you chose are just wonderful, and the Pan Am blends in. This is one of the best #screenshots-and-videos topics I’ve seen in a while.

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Well, previously thanks for the appreciation. So, at first I just searched on normal Google, then I entered Airliners.net where there was a topic 19 years ago about definite routes at that time too, but I looked for Pan Am finally on Wikipedia.

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