So with the new and improved terminal
opening up at Louis Armstrong International Airport (KMSY) I figured I’d make a topic about it including some links to guide you to the news updates and pictures of the airport!

New Orleans has a very unique airport terminal right now! Come May 15, 2019, it will be even better! They will ditch the old terminal south of runway 29 and make an overnight move to the brand new North Terminal featuring 3 concourses and 35+ gates! Plus lots of great newer age concessions! And oce you have gone through one of the 17 lane TSA Check Point, you’ll have access to all concourses!

The airport will eventually hold an on-site hotel! Keep in mind, this won’t cone right as the terminal opens, but will follow soon after!

As for the south terminal… I’ve heard different things as to what they’ll use it for or what they’ll do with it. The most recent news I’ve heard about it is that they will demolish the already vacant concourse A, and do the same with concourse B and possibly concourse C (still determining Concourse C I believe). The newer concourse D section of the airport will probably remain standing and be used as a charter service terminal or something like that.

Below is the most recent news article with pictures and map of the old south terminal and the new north terminal

^^^the KMSY website features month by month pictures of the terminal progress along with a live webcam


Awesome Zach! I would really like to fly there one day IRL. Thanks for sharing this with us!

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17! I wish they had that ad DEN! on the other hand there is bridge security that barely no one knows about.


Haha! Yeah, it’ll be nice! They won’t constantly have all 17 open I don’t believe but on the very busy days of the year, they should have all 17 open

I have never even been to KNEW but drive by it all the time! I’ve heard many great things about it


I went there for an airshow once. Great view of the lake! KMSY, when I was there a few years ago, is very unique and shows the rich culture of New Orleans.

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It definitely does! I am gonna miss the old terminal a little bit just because of how much NOLA culture it has! But the new one will hold some too!

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Unfortunately, I live in Houston now so I won’t be able to see the new terminal for a while. Might make a trip back to check it out though ;)


This is new will be great because the one now is really old I can’t wait to fly out of there!

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