Fly Jamaica crash lands at Georgetown.

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Great contribution, but could you please put more substance with the thread, thanks!

What? Another crash? 😟 Hopefully the passengers are fine


More substance? Like what? Open it and read it.

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What a terrible year for aviation😞

Your thoughts and opinions, asking the community their opinions, etc.

Is that what replying is for? For everyone to give their thoughts and opinions? Hang on, I’ll add a “That’s crazy! Another crash?!” caption to my post.

We want tour thoughts and opinions on this accident. What emotion evoked inside of you when you heard this news, not just some link to a news website for us to read only, but also what you have to say regarding this. Also that expression, that I quoted, doesn’t provide with much sympathy or any information substance to the post.

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I’m at work and didn’t have time to type up a paragraph of thoughts and opinions. I posted the link for all to see. A summary is unnecessary. Anyways, it’s unfortunate this happened and I’m glad everyone was safe. I don’t know what else you want me to say.


Saw this earlier… it’s been a while since a plane bound for CYYZ has crashed. Hopefully the injured have a full recovery.

It’s actually required you put more substance in your post. Posting a single link without any further comment can be seen as a useless topic as anyone could just look it up, it doesn’t need its own topic.

So just add your thoughts on it or a brief worded summary or even a question you have. That’s all.

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I want you to say exactly what you just said now: “it’s unfortunate this happened and I’m glad everyone was safe.”, but edit it into your original post. Also if you’re unable to because you’re at work then maybe not post the topic to begin with until you get home.

If you want to further discuss then do so via PM, thank you :)

Wow, all these accidents. Plane disappears, mid air collision, and now this! I heard there are some injuries, bu no deaths, thankfully.

Okay, to everyone who says that this is a bad year, it’s the same as 2016. 2017 was unusually safe, and that’s good. But this year has the average safety record.

Life comes with upsides and downsides. As you said this year is just like 2016 and many other years in the past we if we trace back a little bit.

It’s definitely sad, a heartbreaking moment to hear and see these accidents occurring. And I hope that Aviation safety becomes even a bigger priority in the future, and that it becomes better to reduce the amount of incident and accident happening but it’s in the end no matter the security or safety, Accidents will still and always happen, and it’s a part of life to live with.

2017 was considered the safest year to travel in 90 years, that’s a exceptionally amazing year and great to hear about. Really shows how far safety has come in the aviation industry but there will always be those dark days that bring is all down to hell.

To make it better, we can always hope, pray and ultimately WORK together for a better future ahead 👨‍✈️❤☝🏽

Now that’s a speech not to be forgotten, remember it in your heart.
It’ll hopefully give you the positive push you may need sometime in your life

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Another accident?! This year has been so bad, really hope the injuries were minor

Since this is they’re only 757 and their 767 is currently out of service I wonder what will happen between now and January (when they will acquire a former Santa Barbara 757)

Hey you know, I think I saw their 767 on approach in Toronto over my school.

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