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Life is a journey, make it a journey to remember with Qantas Virtual Group…


I am really loving the videos they look amazing I have applied to hopefully be a pilot on the airline that I most trust in in real life and in infinite flight

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We shall welcome you soon Callum! Josh Deitz Qantas Virtual Group Photographer

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congratulations to Qantas for finally being there for 6 years…that is a long long time and the longest in the community…my best wishes for QVG to continue its next journey towards 7!!

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@TwinsRock88 all pilots when they join up start with the same rank as a cadet then as they build hours they get promoted to different ranks. At different ranks you can fly different aircraft. At the Jnr ranks you will be flying the Dash8 and B717 before moving on to the Jeststar A320 and Qantas B737. At more senior ranks you will be able to specialise into the cargo fleet or other long haul aircraft. Welcome to Qantas. The Spirirt of Adventure!

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Whilst not a Qantas Virtual Event, please check out this event that @Panther has put together and please sign up to support this event.

Australia Gathering @ YSSY - 211800ZJUL18

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Yeah… sorry for putting it at 4am (AU east coast) just wanted more people to show up

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Don’t worry about the time, QANTAS Virtual has pilots from all over the world so should be able to get some further support. Will have to check my own diary to see if I am available!

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My Discord Invite link has expired. Can someone PM me or email me a new one? I am CraftyCat05. I can give you my Pilot ID if necessary.

Hi @CraftyCat05,

We’ll send out a direct message with a link.

Thanks for your patient and voicing your concern!

I’m having the same problem. Could you please PM me one as well.

Hi @KaiM,

I will PM you


Darren Rayner
Chief Executive Officer
Qantas Virtual Group Infinite Flight

How do I join. I really want to join

How do I join. I really want to know how to.

Hi there @Emmanuelnunkoo
We appreciate your interest in joining!
Click on the link below to begin the registration process

Best wishes,
Flight Operations

Do you gentlemen use slack for communication?

Just wondering if you do lol

They use discord if you scroll up you can see a couple of comments above saying that

Do t forget to check out Qantas Virtuals latest event which is open to both QANTAS Group members as well as all others!


We’d like to inform you that we’ll be cancelling the registration and recruitment processes as we make changes to the Qantas Virtual Group to ensure we’re set for the future. We hope that this doesn’t take too long, however, we’ve got some significant changes to make regarding the Virtual Airlines procedures.

Thanks for your patience.