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Celebrating Six Years of the Flying Kangaroo

This year, Qantas Virtual Group will celebrate six years of flying across the globe. Did you know that no other Virtual Airline in Infinite Flight can say that? For years, we’ve been able to advance ahead and provide an outstanding service that our members love. Our story is about the people who have created our exciting and productive history and continue to develop Qantas Virtual Group for the future ahead - our staff, our members, and our partners.

The best journey starts with the best Virtual Airline

Welcome to Qantas Virtual Group, Infinite Flight’s leading Virtual Airline. Today, Qantas Virtual Group is a well-known icon internationally by fans of the flight simulator - Infinite Flight. Qantas Virtual Group is widely regarded as Infinite Flight’s leading Virtual Airline and was the first Virtual Airline to operate with this simulator.

For over five years, we have striven to uphold a strong reputation in all areas and it’s all because of the passionate members who work around the globe to keep our network going, our rigorous training, exceptional teamwork and the passion we all share.

You'll be flying with the best and we don't just say that.

You won’t find a Virtual Airline with more than five years experience in the Infinite Flight Virtual Airline industry. In 2017, Qantas Virtual Group won best Virtual Airline of the year. You’ll be flying with the best and you’ll join hundreds of members who have a passion for Qantas Virtual Group. Throughout your journey, we’ll also provide you with the Qantas Virtual Group Academy where you’ll learn more about aviation and the aircraft you’ll fly with.

Embrace our Spirit.

When you choose to join the Qantas Virtual Group, you choose to fly with the best. You’ll have your hands on aircraft from over 3 different airlines, thousands of realistic real-world schedules (of which we update regularly), work with our team and have the doors open to the world of aviation with the Qantas Virtual Group Academy.

Working around the globe

Qantas Virtual Group strategically employs team members from around the world to keep Qantas Virtual going, that’s right even while we’re asleep back in Australia! Take a look below:

Life is a Journey

Make it a journey to remember with Qantas Virtual Group



Dang! Five years?! That is impressive!

Everything looks great!

This thread is one of the few threads that would actually make me consider joining. Even though I am American.


Impressive! This is truly the best VA in Infinite flight!


I Join Qantas long ago, I keep getting emails of my inactiveness, but I haven’t got the lick to the discord. Chills you help please?

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Six years*

What I love is how Qantas virtual here is the longest running VA on IF. And in real life it is the second longest running airline.

Here’s to 4 more years!


Six years! 😱

That’s amazing that this VA has been operating for most of the time that Infinite Flight has been available to the community. Great thread too!


@NationofAviation, feel free to send us a private message about your issue, thank you for your patience.

We’re glad to hear, @AndrewRG10, hopefully, many more too!


Congratulations on 5 years …truly impressive!!

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6 years, WOW!!!

I’d say this VA has some very experienced members.


Wow this VA is older than me!

All jokes aside beautiful thread, amazing that this VA stayed successful for six years! Hopefully that success only continues to grow


Just a question. I just applied but am a bit confused about the different airline categories. I applied for the Qantas Cargo division, and I understand that means I will be flying for cargo routes. Lets say I would like to move to a different division can I do so?

Also amazing to see such a long lasting VA that is still popular today! Congratulations on your amazing milestone!

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Hi @twinsrock88 . When you choose to fly with Qantas Virtual Group, you’ll have access to a wide range of aircraft from different airlines. This is not limited to the airline you select upon registration.


In 2018, we will open the Qantas Virtual Group Academy to train up to 240 applicants every year. Discover more at

We’re preparing for the next generation team…


We’ve received a large number of applications for the Qantas Virtual Group Staff Training Academy. This academy will train the future generation of team members to lead Qantas Virtual Group, as we continue to go through the applications we encourage anyone who’d like to gain experience or join the Qantas Virtual Group as a staff member to consider this program…

Applications for 2018 are scheduled to close 15 May.


This years promotional video will focus on Qantas Virtual Group’s long history. For those of you who’ve been with us since the arrival of Infinite Flight’s Discourse Community (what you’re reading this on) you’ll get to learn more about how Qantas Virtual Group grew to become what it is today, as Infinite Flight’s leading Virtual Airline…

Stay on this frequency (see what we did there?) to find out more about our new promotional video…


Life is a journey, make it a journey to remember with Qantas Virtual Group…


I am really loving the videos they look amazing I have applied to hopefully be a pilot on the airline that I most trust in in real life and in infinite flight

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We shall welcome you soon Callum! Josh Deitz Qantas Virtual Group Photographer

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congratulations to Qantas for finally being there for 6 years…that is a long long time and the longest in the community…my best wishes for QVG to continue its next journey towards 7!!

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@TwinsRock88 all pilots when they join up start with the same rank as a cadet then as they build hours they get promoted to different ranks. At different ranks you can fly different aircraft. At the Jnr ranks you will be flying the Dash8 and B717 before moving on to the Jeststar A320 and Qantas B737. At more senior ranks you will be able to specialise into the cargo fleet or other long haul aircraft. Welcome to Qantas. The Spirirt of Adventure!

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