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The best Virtual Airline experience starts here.

Welcome to Qantas Virtual Group, Infinite Flight’s leading Virtual Airline. Today, Qantas Virtual Group is a well-known icon internationally by fans of the flight simulator - Infinite Flight. Qantas Virtual Group is widely regarded as Infinite Flight’s leading Virtual Airline and was the first Virtual Airline to operate with this simulator.

We have striven to uphold a strong reputation in all areas and all because of our passionate staff and the hundreds of members of our organisation. It is the result of over five years experience, rigorous training, and exceptional teamwork from many passionate employees and hundreds of pilots.

You'll be flying with the best and we don't just say that.

You won’t find a Virtual Airline with more than five years experience in the Infinite Flight Virtual Airline industry. In 2017, Qantas Virtual Group won best Virtual Airline of the year. You’ll be flying with the best and you’ll join hundreds of members who have a passion for Qantas Virtual Group. Throughout your journey, we’ll also provide you with the Qantas Virtual Flight Academy where you’ll learn more about aviation and the aircraft you’ll fly with.

Embrace our Spirit.

When you choose to join the Qantas Virtual Group the flying experience becomes unimaginable, you’ll discover things you’ve never thought of or done before. Choose to fly with over 3 different airlines, thousands of realistic real-world schedules, work with our flight operations and open your mind to the world of aviation with the Qantas Virtual Flight Academy.

We recently released our brand new webpage, something we’ve been highly anticipating with the release of global. This rebrand ensures a sustainable future for Qantas Virtual Group and a clean, easy to use website we know you’ll love.



In preperation for the Christmas Break, come along to our Sydney Fly in event, all welcome to comealong and enjoy flying around the iconic area!

{ENDED} Sydney Qantas Hop In! @ YSSY - 212100ZDEC17

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Check out Tylers Live ATC schedule for this week. NEW Expert ATC Schedule • 25-31 Dec 17

Wednesday is Jetstar’s Hub focus day so please comealong and support both Qantas Virtual Group as well as IFATC on Wednesday as well as check out the other hubs on offer during the week!

Happy Contrails

What’s new, Roo?

Qantas Virtual Group

“We’re known for ensuring the best experience for our members and guests, but it’s time to give back to the team who constantly work behind the scenes”

Welcome to 2018! We’re preparing for our sixth anniversary and better yet we’re hiring a team for 2018. Rise to our challenge, learn and strive to lead the Virtual Airline industry as we have done for the past five years.

Interested? Send us a private message, email us or check out our website!


See below details of our first event for 2018! Look forward to seeing you there in the Virtual skies!

David L

When you fly with Qantas Virtual Group, you fly with the best…


Check out our latest event!

Once again the IFATC team under the leadership of @Tyler_Shelton has again devised a fantastic schedule for the week ahead with some fantastic City Pairings. Search the Qantas Schedules for suitably flights so that you can support the IFATC and see that on the weekend our very own backyard of the Outback and the twin heavens of North and South Island!

Thanks Tyler!

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With recent updates to their website, Qantas Virtual Group members and customers can now check which aircraft they can travel with!


If you guys would like an interactive route map to display on your website, leave me a message, and I can help you create one!

Check out our Mid-Week Flash Flight! All welcome,look forward to seeing you there!

Our latest event is coming up shortly!
Be sure to check it out, and come along if you’re available!

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enjoy flying with Infinite Flights favourite airline? Enjoy the edge of realsim? Ensure that you take it to the next stage by flying with the expert IFATC team. See the latest schedule from Tyler Shelton,Tuesday is our Home turf so lets make it a great Australian day!

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It’s a dream come true! Presenting Infinite Flight’s first #NewRoo .

Thank you to everyone who supported the feature request made by @anon31652286 . Your tremendous efforts have been outstanding and we’re so glad to be welcoming VXM in the next update.



Fun fact: VH-VXM was Qantas’s first 737 to receive the “New Roo” livery


This will be great! Thank you to the FDS team for this! Looking forward to flying some of Qantas Domestic and International routes in this beautiful bird!


Our next event is going back to basics but a chance to explore an area of the Great Barrier Reef. One of the most fantastic areas of the world whilst opportunity to fly a GA aircraft into a challenging airfield!


Be on the look out for a new application through your website soon, I love Qantas!


Hello all Pilots!

Check out IFATC weekly schedule posted by Tyler. Tuesday sees Asia being opened up so an ideal opportunity to try out some of the JET STAR ASIA and PACIFIC routes!

The Qantas Virtual Group ( QVG) has over 500 different routes available for you to fly, ranging from Regional hops in the Dash8 and B717 up to long haul routes in the A380 and B789. Join today and see the Virtual World!


After seeing the behind the scenes planning and organisation as a staff member, I’m very pleased to be joining Qantas Virtual again. Looking forward to starting my career as a regional pilot with you guys. Thanks for making me feel so welcome!