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Welcome to Qantas Virtual Group, Infinite Flight’s leading Virtual Airline. Today, Qantas Virtual Group is a well-known icon internationally by fans of the flight simulator - Infinite Flight. Qantas Virtual Group is widely regarded as Infinite Flight’s leading Virtual Airline and was the first Virtual Airline to operate with this simulator.

We have striven to uphold a strong reputation in all areas and all because of our passionate staff and the hundreds of members of our organisation. It is the result of over five years experience, rigorous training, and exceptional teamwork from many passionate employees and hundreds of pilots.

You'll be flying with the best and we don't just say that.

You won’t find a Virtual Airline with more than five years experience in the Infinite Flight Virtual Airline industry. In 2017, Qantas Virtual Group won best Virtual Airline of the year. You’ll be flying with the best and you’ll join hundreds of members who have a passion for Qantas Virtual Group. Throughout your journey, we’ll also provide you with the Qantas Virtual Flight Academy where you’ll learn more about aviation and the aircraft you’ll fly with.

Embrace our Spirit.

When you choose to join the Qantas Virtual Group the flying experience becomes unimaginable, you’ll discover things you’ve never thought of or done before. Choose to fly with over 3 different airlines, thousands of realistic real-world schedules, work with our flight operations and open your mind to the world of aviation with the Qantas Virtual Flight Academy.

We recently released our brand new webpage, something we’ve been highly anticipating with the release of global. This rebrand ensures a sustainable future for Qantas Virtual Group and a clean, easy to use website we know you’ll love.



I gotta say, this is super professional and almost like a real airline. Well done!


Thank you, we pride ourselves in providing our members with the best experience.

Wonderfully looking Website from DLVA, a couple things I just want to make you aware of. Are you aware that one is unable to scroll up or down in the Career tab on your website and some tabs do not display any information. Would love to read more about your VA and help out another highly regarded VA.


Note: This also may just be an error on my end.

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We’re aware, due to an early publishing some features may not work as expected. We’re working to resolve this.


Glad to hear! Just wanted to help :)

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Looks amazing!! Great job team and pilots!! :)


I love how qantas virtual has really looked after all of it pilot and its staff I love qantas as a really world airline and a virtual airline


Thanks for your feedback @Murfjet14, we’ve passed this on to our team. We really appreciate that you’re enjoying your journey with Qantas Virtual Group.

Very professional VA! Things run very smoothly and I am excited to start flying for them!


Qantas Virtual Group are very excited with the release of Global. Behind the scenes here at Qantas Virtual HQ we have been working hard in anticpation of this day and we have a full Real Life Qantas global network available to be flown by Infinte Flight Pilots.

Qantanslink Domestic routes, Jetstar Domestic (as well as some of the Asian and Pacific routes) and also Mainline Qantas National and International routes are available to be flown.

We have a full training department so if you are new to flying Infinte Flight we can help guide you as you learn to fly someone of the most intresting and diverse routes in the Globe.

We are also very glad to see that two Qantas Routes have been selected by FDS as part of the suggested routes.

Qantaslink (QJE) 2824 flying the B717 from YBBM to YBHM and also Qantas (QFA) 7 “Super”, YSSY - KDFW in the A380. Join Qanats Virtual and see what other great routes we have to offer!

Once again a big thank you to the team at FDS for all the hard work in achieving this

Happy Contrails all!


We’ve made changes to the way we introduce you to our careers. At Qantas Virtual Group, we’re a diverse community and always look forward to the future. Applicants always have a chance to embrace the Spirit and rise to meet the realities of Infinite Flight’s leading Virtual Airline.

You can check out our informative careers section and the different teams that we work with here.

Rise and embrace the Spirit of Qantas Virtual Group.


What a website and VA! Well done!


Now that Global has been released to both Android and also iOS, here at Qantas Virtual Group we have arranged our first global event for all to come along and try out!

This is an oppotunity to explore the Australian coast between Sydney and Brisbane. Check out the details below and we look forwward to seeing all that can attend!


We’re proud of everything we do at Qantas Virtual Group. We’re embarking on a New Era and we want you to be a part of it.

The Qantas Virtual Staff team continue to build a new experience for our members. Every week, we reach over 17,000 customers worldwide and now we want you to be one of the unique few who will Rise to the Challenge.

We’re a diverse, inclusive Virtual Airline. Together, we’re better, stronger and setting an example for our competitors.

Up for the challenge? Just check this out below or take a look at our careers

Qantas Virtual Group logo


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Be a part of something special!


Just did, thanks for the awesome videos👍

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and thank you for subscribing!


Just five subscribers to go, we have something special to share at 100 subscribers!

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