Fly In Your Hometown(Share your flight)

This topic is to show your flight in your hometown, here is my flight:
Date May 6th, 2020
Time 0555z
Airport: VHHH-ZBAD
Aircraft: A350-900

Here you can share your flight in your hometown with us!


Very nice pictures!

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Nice picture,good job!

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Thank you for your suggestion!

I will upload more and more pictures later!

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Tonight I had a new flight from Beijing to Chongqing and these is new screenshots during the flight. What a pity is that I was preparing to land and then Infinite Flight flashed back, my attitude even below 11,000 ft at that moment.

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These pictures are my flights before, I always fly with Air China or China Eastern~

There are many pictures, I will upload them as soon as possible

My hometown is not Beijing. I just uploaded some pictures from other places😂🤭I have forgotten the location of some photos

Oh, my fault.

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05/07/2020, Today afternoon I had a new flight from ZBHH to ZBSJ, the former is the nearest airport to my hometown. There was a better picture but there was something wrong with the screenshot, I seem to forget to take a screenshot when I finished adjusting my perspective …

image image image

The first picture looks like the theme of doomsday