Fly in your country during the time without the online flight mode purchased.

My friend gave a very valid idea, but he is not part of the community so I am coming to do this topic for him …

He gave the idea, from when the live of an Infinite Flight pilot he could fly in his country during the time without live, I liked the idea but I would add the following rule that the person could fly in your country in Offline Flight Mode only if you had hit a goal or something like that could be Grade, Spent Money on the App !!
Remembering that this is not a request is just a topic for discussion !!
My opinion is that this proposal is pretty cool, and could be thought of with affection by the developers lol !!

Obs: The nationality would be identified according to your account that you use to fly online or by the nationality of the Credit Card you used to buy your lives!

Edit 1: I forgot to mention that it could be optional, because people living in small countries can choose the standard that is what exists today …


So… your friend is saying that pilots without a Live subscription should be able to fly in their home country?


I feel bad for those in Samoa if that was an option


Well, I think he means to include it with the other regions. Honestly, I don’t see how this could work 🤔

Well, some who live in the U.S might like this idea. Now if you live in Dijibouti, you might not fare so well with this idea


I don’t know about this one, there are literally only 3 airports in the country I live in…


That’s right !!!

If it was like a few day trail that would be pretty neat to see give them like a CRJ 900, the A320 and the CEssna 172 or something to play with

I not Understand, you can me explain ?

It would be this way: when you finish your Live in Infinite Flight, you choose or fly in your country or fly in the pattern that in this case is the United States …

A Trail - Basically it’s a preview of the game you’re allowed to fly some aircraft for a certain amount of time, then you would be required to pay to continue flying

I understood, I think it would be cool like that !! A few months flying in your country until you buy a live …

I say probably 3 - 5 days

Very little, it is not always that a person has money to buy from Live … When you are flying offline you do not have time it is not, so I think it’s best to continue the same way because instead of flying in the United States, the person flies in your parents…

If a person doesn’t have money to buy something you save up for it

I think this is pretty adventure topic.
The first point is:

  1. You have regions or this system you said,
    And this would destroy about 50% of the pro income ,
    Why? because most people buy live to fly in their home airports. (Partially)

My second point is:

  1. Some countries are pretty small, or simply boring (look czechia there is only wood and hills) no offense to the Czech community @iLukas-Prague @jakcharvat And so discriminate costumers and constrict them to fly in places they already know

(Just this, not all countries are big like Brazil)

And here is where I see the advantage of the current system:
Having an area there, another on the opposite side of the globe, allows you to see more places world-wide and enjoy their amazing sat views.

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Yes most like I said the person could choose between their country or fly in the pattern that is the United States, I think the 1st is not correct as it would only go some airports not the whole map, it would be the same when you fly in offline mode in Today, it would be delimited by spaces.

Here is another idea that could be more possible and fair. They should give you one generic plane and only allow you to fly in the casual server. So that way you can get an experience and decide whether to buy a subscription or not. But I also think that could open the door to alot more players coming on and adding more diversity.

No, then there wouldn’t be no point in buying a subscription, then FDS wont make money, and we wont get no new features, and people would stop playing, then there would be no community, then worst of all; aerofly will take over the world !


Very Lol lol lol !!! I do not know why they flagged, I lol of the phrase “Aerofly will dominate the world 👀”

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