Fly In The Real World?

Helloooooo to all my Infinite Flight Friends,

I haven’t been on the forums for a while, so I might aswell start this post, but I am not sure if it has been started, sorry if it has. <3

The big question is, does anyone fly in real life?

In my case, I fly the Cessna C152, Cessna C172 and the Piper PA28 Warrior iii.

Anyone else, cant wait to see the answers.

Yes, there are lots of people here within the community who are real world pilots (and/or students).

I personally am training for my PPL.


What aircraft?

I am a younger trainer.

What aircraft? Cessna, or…


Firstly welcome to the community. There is a topic listing all of the real world pilots on the forum found below;

Try searching next time just so you get your info quicker. Once agin welcome to the forum and I hope you enjoy your stay <3


I fly in a Cessna sport and Diamond’s DA40. I don’t know about @Tecnam2TA.

Hehe, sorry about that, havent been on the forum since early 2015

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Don’t worry about it I wasn’t having a go just pointing you to the relevant information <3

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All good, <3


Tecnam P92


I fly the Cessna 150 out of KHPN:) Currently training for my PPL

What type of plane is that?

Continue on provide thread. Thanks!