Fly in or out // Military Edition @ KLSV - 060100ZJUL18

Server: Training

Airport: KLSV (Nellis Air Force Base)

Time: 0100Z
Time Conversions - 9:00pm EDT - 8:00pm CDT - 7:00pm MDT - 6:00pm PDT

NOTAM: Military Aircraft Only // NO AIR FORCE ONE

In this event, you can either fly in from anywhere, or fly out to anywhere.

There are no gates, so if you are planning on flying out, be sure to arrive ahead of time and park to the side

Although this event was released on such short notice, it would be very interesting with a mass military meet up at Nellis AFB. All available aircraft for use are every military aircraft except Air Force One.

If you wish to sign up, please give your aircraft, callsign, and whether you are flying in or out.

There is ONE rule… Have Fun!

Participants / / /
@Dommo209 // AC - F-16 // CS - APE06 // Fly In
@F22 // AC - ??? // CS - ??? // Fly ???

Awesome., this will be so fun

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I have been waiting for this for a while now

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Which aircraft and callsign will you be using? And will you be flying in or out?

Hmmmm…Interesting. We definitely need more military-style events. Nice job!

Sorry I can’t come, the event for me is at 2am lol


Oh! Sorry about that! Hopefully see you next time!

I’ll be there. I’m going to fly in a KC10 from KWRI, where most tankers are stationed (I think) and my home afb.

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