FLY-IN: Chicago O'Hare Int'l

Actually makes me so happy seeing ORD getting attention now.

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I can’t attend because I have school

im from Fredericton New Brunswick

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Awesome! Will be there at the fly-in. Also, love how you guys made KORD 3D looks stunning.

I will definitely be there! In Ethiopian colours😎

I’ll Be There United 440 Heavy!

I might be able to do a LHR flight w the a380!

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I might be flying in from Miami or Ney York

I’ll be flying in from Dallas on a 777

Same here! (Time of departure is still tbd) don’t want to be landing to early!

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I MIGHT , take a BAA a388 from LHR/GLL-ORD. Or the new AA 788 from MGGT-KORD. I see this two come in all the time!

I’ll open ORD ATC frequency on the training server, for the grade two’s and those with too many strikes to be in expert. Also, so excited as I’m on my last few before joining the IFATC team :)


I am so happy that my home airport is having a fly-in and is now 3-D! Thank you so much Infinite Flight!

Same!!! Might do ATC with you! I’ll PM you.

Can I get my Event Featured?

@TheBest i might do approach with yall

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If it does get featured, Dan will contact you towards the end of the month saying it will be featured. Asking for it to be featured lowers your chances though

I will see you guys there, currently flying from KJFK - KORD so I’ll be there in a delta A220

Oh nice but i wish i could be with but im only grade 2

im sure there will be atc on the training server :)

I might join as atc at some point