Fly in/airshow @ EGLK - 151900ZJUL17

Server: casual*

Region: London

Airport: EGLK

Time: 1900Z

Fly into Blackbushe in your favourite ga aircraft. The aircraft below will fall under the General aviation category:
Super decathlon
Cessna 172
Cessna 208
Cirrus sr22

Other aircraft usable:
Cessna citation X
(Edit) Special announcement.
We can confirm there will be a flybe dash 8 -q400 on static display.

We will also have surprise static display aircraft which will fly in at the start of the show.

No need to sign up, just fly in.

See you there.

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Wouldn’t consider the CCX GA

Nor would I but they fly into blackbushe irl, I just wanted to save time and effort having to make Another list for one aircraft.

What would you call it? It’s definitely not commerical

Well GA is defined as not for profit - the CCX is primarily flown by corporate pilots who are paid, so it is commercial. I’d consider it to be Private, but not GA


Changed now, I know it wasn’t ga but I was saving people from having to read a little more.

GA is defined as " all other civil aviation operations besides regularly scheduled commerical flight, including gliding, helicopters, flight school, and business jets"

Sounds very fun. Too bad I don’t have Live.😤

Will this event be held @morgan99?

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It happened Saturday, I don’t know if anyone turned up, I lost internet connection at home due to bad weather.😣

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