Fly High With 305 #1 - Hop To Miami @ KIAH - 200100ZJAN18 [Finished]

Fly High With 305!

Welcome all to my daily event series “Fly High With 305” we will be doing random hops, offering an oppurtunity to fly with fellow community members, the warm regards guy, and make some XP!

Server: Expert

Time: 40 Minutes after this thread has been posted we will take off, spawn 10 minutes prior.

Departure Airport: KIAH (Houston Intercontinental Airport)

Arrival Airport: KMIA (Miami International Airport)

Aircraft: Boeing 737-800 American Airlines Livery

Departure Runway: 15L

Arrival Runway: 8L

Block Fuel: 21148 LBS

Pax: 180

Cargo 2500 LBS

FPL: Copy and Paste from me, my callsign is “305”

Climb Speed: 240 Knots Till 10,000, 260 after 10,000.

Vertical Speed: 2900 FPM until 19,000, 2500 Until FL260, 2000 Until Cruise.

Cruise Speed: M.78

Cruise Altitude: FL370

TOD: 120 NM Out, -2000 FPM until 10,000, speed and altitude at your discretion after.

There will be no gate assignments, it would be preffered if you spawn in Terminal A, remember that if you see an aircraft take a gate please take another gate. I will lead the flight, I will push first and everyone else will follow, please post below if you’re coming!


Cool event! I can’t make this one, but I can probably make some others.

Ill join! It be nice to fly to Miami!

I will so you there then! Never flown out of IAH before, should be intresting.


Forgot to mention what server this flight will take place in, this will be on the expert server :).

20 Minutes till departure, spawn in 10 minutes before :)

IAH is a fun airport, especially when flying to Florida. You get to fly down the coast line, and it’s beautiful!

Take a look at the post again if you’re attending, added info about the flight. Spawn in 5 minutes from now :)

Alright, Spawn In at KIAH at Terminal A!

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That concludes our first Event! Thanks for attending @Ryan_Vidad


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