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Who are we (27)
Who are we (28)
Who are we (29)


At Fly Global Virtual, our mission is to provide an unforgettable, truly amazing VA experience. We will achieve this by operating our broad fleet of aircraft and routes, VA partnerships, and hosting frequent events for our pilots and staff.


So you ask, who are we? We'll here be the answer. FGVA was founded in May 2020 during the peak of the Coronavirus pandemic. Despite all the problems and other revolutionary events going on globally, our team persevered to build what is now FGVA. FGVA represents the airline "LATAM" in Infinite Flight and its subsidiaries "LAN", "LAN Cargo", & "TAM". We are a dedicated workforce made up of mature and professional IFC users who love the simulator so much we decided to make our own VA. We represent the largest airline in South America inside Infinite Flight. We operate three different liveries (one modern and two old). FGVA is here for each one of our pilots and we strive to become the best Virtual Airline on the IFC.


Application Process:

The FGVA Application Process was created to determine where you are and if you are qualified for FGVA. The process is broken down into three phases: Phase #1 (Reservation), Phase #2 (Piloting Exam), and Phase #3 (Background Check). The duration of the application process is around 7-10 days (typically).

age 13+ (14)

Crew Center:

When becoming a pilot for FGVA, you will receive a personal crew center account, this will give you access to our Flare crew center. You will also receive an invite to our Discord so you can communicate with your fellow pilots and staff. Our Crew Centers are linked so you will be able to receive FGVA info on both platforms. We are setting the new standards for crew centers – one step at a time.



What is it?

Welcome to FGATC! One of the first private subsidiary organizations owned by FGVA. This organizations goals are to be the first organization for IFATC users to belong too, and render services to the IFC, and FGVA alike.

How It Works:

This program has no limit, and will only require that you be a member of IFATC (along with some other FGATC requirements). Unlike the FGVA pilot program, this program does not require any pilot-related statistics or requirements. The only catch is, you will not be able to fly until you go through the piloting application process. However, you will have access to as many features that the pilots have currently. FGATC is based around IFATC, and its goal is to recruit active IFATC users, and let them truly be apart of a organization that is truly just for ATC.

FGATC Roles:

Role Structure (Name) Info
FGVAATC Director Overlooks all ATC operations at FGVA.
FGVAATC Officer User who will control airports that are assigned by the FGVAATC Coordinator.

age 13+ (23)


Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

IFC User Role Status
@AviatorMan CEO & CDO (Chief Development Officer) ACTIVE
@CheetahGaming_YT COO (Chief Operating Officer) ACTIVE
@Capt_Syafiq Supervisor ACTIVE
Recruiting FGATC Supervisor ACTIVE
Recruiting Chief Recruiting Officer Recruiting

Recruiting Team

IFC User Role Status
Recruiting FGVA Recruiter Recruiting
Recruiting FGATC Recruiter Recruiting

Lower Management Team (LMT)

IFC User Role Status
Recruiting HR Manager Recruiting
Recruiting Events Manager Recruiting
Recruiting FGATC Manager Recruiting
Recruiting FGATC Supervisor Recruiting
Recruiting Marketing Manager Recruiting
Recruiting Tech Manager Recruiting

Crew Center Logistics Team

IFC User Role Status
Recruiting Routes Manager Recruiting
Recruiting PIREP Manager Recruiting

If you wish to apply for one of these roles, please visit IFVARB (click to be redirected to page) website for more information.


age 13+ (19)
age 13+ (20)

Who are we (30)


FGVA is based on the airline "LATAM" which is made up of TAM & LAN. We operate a large LATAM fleet. Our flagship aircraft is the A350-900 followed by the 777-300ER. LATAM is our main livery and airline we operate under. TAM is a subsidiary as well as LAN (also LAN Cargo). We operate across many regions of South America from Chile, all the way up to Brazil. LATAM is the largest airline operating in South America and with FGVA, you can travel almost anywhere across South America.


age 13+ (3)

Public Events:

Public Events are the most common event type hosted by FGVA. We host these events for any IFC user to join. These types of events do not include FGVA Partners or any outside organization besides Fly Global Virtual Airlines. Public Events are typically hosted every 2-3 weeks on a normal event schedule. Keep an eye on the IFC & our website for upcoming FGVA Public Events.

Internal Events:

Internal Events are for pilots and staff only. These events can not be found on our website or any public platform. These events are exclusively for our pilots and staff and you may only join one of these events if you are an FGVA pilot or staff member.

Partnered Events:

Partnered Events are events partnered between one or two of our codeshare VA/VO’s in the form of an event. These events are open to the public and you are not required to be an FGVA pilot to attend these events.

You can learn more specifics about FGVA Events and our event policies at Events — Fly Global Virtual


age 13+-2

Partner Stats:

IFC User Date Added Routes Patnered Events Status
@LuftyVirtual 6/26/21 15 YES ACTIVE
@Airbus_Virtual 6/27/21 15 YES ACTIVE
@SaudiaVirtual 6/28/21 20 YES ACTIVE
@DubaiVirtual 6/28/21 30 YES ACTIVE
@AirEuropaVirtual 6/29/21 30 YES ACTIVE
@AirChinaVirtual 6/30/21 20 YES ACTIVE
@QantasVirtualGroup 7/10/21 COMING SOON YES ACTIVE
@BritishAirwaysVA 7/12/21 COMING SOON YES ACTIVE
@virtualBlue 7/11/21 COMING SOON YES ACTIVE
@Etihad_Virtual 7/15/21 35 YES ACTIVE

“We thank all of our partners on this amazing journey, and we can’t wait to see where our journey takes us.”



IFC User Credit
@AviatorMan Banner Animations
@Monkey_Pilots Banner Names
@Monkey_Pilots & @AviatorMan New FGVA Logo
@AviatorMan Thread Information
@mwe2187 & @Thomas_G Legends (Helping VA Development)
@Jon_H Legend (VA Map & Helping VA Development)

“Thank you to @AviatorMan and @Monkey_Pilots for putting together this amazing thread. It is an honor and a great privilege to work beside you at FGVA. Also, big thanks to @mwe2187 , @Jon_H , @Thomas_G , and the whole @IFVARB for helping so much during the application process. This VA would not be what it is now without you. Godspeed.”

-@FlyGlobalVirtual Team


You Ready?

We thank you for reading this amazing thread. Now, after reading all of that, are you ready to become a pilot at one of the most modern VAs to date? Don't wait now and go apply! We don't want you missing out on all the fun! Click the image below to begin your journey with us.

age 13+ (18)


Welcome to the VA world, and congrats on your approval! It was a pleasure to be a part of your reviewal process.


Congrats on approval! Awesome thread.



FGVA is looking for staff! Check out our IFVARB page for more info!


Wow the thread looked better than I thought it would!


Thanks to you and @Monkey_Pilots !


Just applied! Very nice thread! Congratulations on your approval.


What an amazing thread, it definitely stands out!

Congratulations on your approval.

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Congrats FGVA on your IFVARB Approval! love the thread!

It’s a pleasure having a codeshare with our friends in South America 🤝

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Interesting thread!💪🏻 Congratulations on your approval!


Thank you!

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Thank you so much!

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Thanks! :)


Thanks haha



FGVA is looking for staff! Check out our IFVARB page for more info!

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Welcome to the new VA !! Congrats on your approval🎊 I’m also interested …


Head over to the website if you’re interested! We would be happy to have you 😉


age 13+ (23)


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Application form will be released shortly. Stay tuned.

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Applications are open!

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